Participating Partners

For many years, Credit Union Service Organizations (CUSOs) have provided credit unions with a wide range of benefits. Those that have ownership in CUSOs have positioned themselves to obtain additional income. These credit union owners, as well as those that participate with the CUSOs, can now offer services to members that they could not previously afford on their own. In addition, they all experience a substantial reduction in expenses by uniting with other credit unions for increased purchasing power.

Affinity Group Credit Union has ownership in a variety of CUSOs bringing a vast range of services to all of our partners. This includes mortgage services, information technology, statement processing, and shared branches. In addition, we have united with other credit unions to offer investment programs, marketing services, business lending, lifestyle lending, electronic services, and more.

Working together credit unions preserve their ability to compete by offering innovative services while reducing costs and strengthening their bottom line. By working together we protect the future of our credit unions and the members we serve.


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