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KVC VISA Checkcard

Convenient and secure, a VISA Checkcard is available with any KVC checking account. Use it at any merchant that accepts VISA, just like a credit card, but the funds are withdrawn from your KVC checking account. Swipe it and sign. You can also withdraw funds from your KVC accounts at any ATM with the NYCE or Plus signs on it. KVC implements a multitude of security features to make sure your funds are safe:
  • The VISA Zero Liability Policy
  • 24/7 transaction monitoring
  • Verified by VISA for online shopping
  • 3 Digit Security Code
  • Daily limits
If your card is lost or stolen, during business hours, call KVC immediately. After hours call 1(800) 554-8969.

Verified by VISA

Like to shop online? Protect yourself with an additional layer of security. Create a special password tied to your card, and defeat anyone that tries to use your card number online (at participating merchants). Click here to register your KVC VISA Checkcard and get more info.