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Originally chartered in January of 1959 as Huron Valley Schools Employees Credit Union, the field of membership originally included employees of Huron Valley Schools and was operated out of the trunk of the Treasurer's car.

In 1965, the credit union got a real roof over its head in the form of a janitor's closet at Milford Junior High School while it serviced approximately 200 members. In 1969, a space large enough to accommodate a staff of three and membership of approximately 500 was found for the credit union's operations in the same building, now operating as a school district warehouse.

A major Field of Membership(FOM) expansion took place in 1985, adding school district retirees, parents of students in the school district, credit union employees, and immediate family members. At the time, the credit union serviced approximately 950 members. "Employees" was also dropped from the name at this point leaving us with Huron Valley Schools Credit Union (HVSCU).

Our current Highland location was purchased from the school district in 1988. The old one room school building on the site was renovated to house seven employees and opened its doors to more than 1,500 members.

HVSCU expanded its FOM again in 1996 to add students in the school district, family members, persons age 55 receiving retirement benefits and the 25-mile service radius for SEG's.

Busting at the seams with 12 employees, 4,500 members and $16 million in assets and recognizing the need to update the building for modern business practices, HVSCU renovated and expanded its facilities on the existing site in February of 2000.

Having always been active in the community and seeking to futher the credit union movement, providing current and potential members in our area with more opportunities, it seemed natural to convert our Field of Membership (FOM) to a community charter. So, in July 2004 HVSCU expanded to its current FOM and changed its name to Kensington Valley Community Credit Union (KVCCU). We're looking to reach out into our community and provide you with meaningful products, services and information.

In a proactive step to reduce the growing risks facing financial institutions today and ensure that we will continue to provide you, our member, with improved products and services into the future, we initiated a partnership with Affinity Group Credit Union. Effective January 1, 2011, we are now Kensington Valley Community a part of Affinity Group Credit Union.