Executive Team

Carma Peters
Chief Executive Officer
(former CEO of WySouth Federal Credit Union)

“Affnity has allowed me the opportunity to access greatly expanded administrative, compliance, technical and marketing resources. As President/ CEO of a smaller credit union, I had to do it all. Now I’m part of a cutting edge business model that is making a difference in the credit union industry. I’m playing an important role in the future growth and development of a much larger organization with greater resource depth. We have proven over the last four years that you can merge without losing your identity or staff. Everyone who wants to be part of the team has the opportunity to contribute.”


Joseph Strauss
Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
(former CEO of Kensington Valley Community Credit Union)

“It is sad, but we must face the reality that the cards are stacked against small credit unions. Economic, competitive, and regulatory pressures have never been greater for credit unions and there is very little promise that it will get easier any time soon.

As CEO of Kensington Valley Community Credit Union, these realities required that we find a solution that would ensure our members would continue to receive superior products and services, and retain our small credit union feel as much as possible. We wanted to provide growth opportunities for staff, too. Affinity Group was the answer.

We expanded services to members. Our staffs fit together like a glove. We created economies of scale to reduce expenses. We had more resources to address the growing regulatory demands. In short, it enabled us to be better, but still be us.”